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My way is the Sikh way of life as taught by Guru Nanak and the Sikh Gurus and as understood by me, by their grace. I believe in the exhortation of Guru Granth Sahib to travers the distance between the mystical and the mundane in my daily life in India. To serve my Gurus I offer here the two books I have written: Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding (2009) and Death & Dying In The Sikh Tradition (2019)

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My book on death and dying has more on the theme of death in the Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture, them any other work published so far. The Granth Sahib gives meaning to death as a physical and metaphysical truth on almost every one its 1430 pages, amplifying it to an extent and depth not seen in any other scripture in the world.

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My books on marriage and death rites and beliefs will be best appreciated by readers of the Granth Sahib in the original. My translations in English of selected quotations from the Granth Sahib are literal, in the interest of accuracy. Therefore, they are nowhere near the beauty, power and even meaning of the original. Without reading the original verses, not only will one be approaching their sanctity in approximation only, one will be a Sikh in approximation only-near to God because you have opened this site, yet so far.


By Mina Singh

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Death & Dying In The Sikh Tradition

By Mina Singh

Made Available To All On The Occasion Of The 550th Birth Anniversary Of Guru Nanak

Courtesy: Aparna Caur

What is the Sikh view of death? What does the Sikh view of death and dying tell us about the core beliefs, teachings and ethics of the faith? The answers lie within this book by Mina Singh, author of Ceremonies of the Sikh Wedding. Through this book readers can get an understanding of the fundamentals of the faith preached by Guru Nanak. By the light of these they will be prompted to examine their own perspectives not only on death but also on life. They can wisely prepare themselves for the moment of dying and help others to do the same. Readers will also find this book helpful in arranging a funeral and finding consolation after the death of somebody whose loss they find difficult to bear.

This book opens readers to novel truths embedded deep within the poetry and mysticism of the Sikh scripture, the Granth Sahib. The Granth Sahib teaches us that by facing death we can live in the fullness of life. The Sikh approach to right conduct and to mystical faith can enthuse readers of other religions to reflect on their own views and beliefs.

This book’s approach to the subject of mortality is unique to the way of life of the Sikh community whose adherents are commanded daily to traverse the distance between the mundane and the mystical. Page upon page of the Sikh holy book records the understanding of Sikh Gurus, Hindu saints and Muslim mystics that the real value of human life is grasped through an unceasing awareness of its transience.

As both the teachings and lives of the ten Gurus, and the events of history following the birth of Guru Nanak, have been important in shaping Sikhism, this book also deals with influences from within the Hindu and Islamic fold. A comparison with the views on death of these two faiths expressed in the Granth Sahib, and a positive look at the very significant and contemporary issue of religious martyrdom, are other contributions made by this book for the benefit of all.

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